Who is Matei?

Matei is a joyful and brave baby boy  who is struggling with a terrible disease – CANCER
At the age of 2 months he was diagnosed with Abdominal Neuroblastoma - a malignant tumor that was initially located in the abdomen and spine (max.size aprox. 5cm), now is found only in the spine (max. size aprox. 2cm)

He  took two cures of chemotherapy CARBO-VP16 (February - April 2011), after which the tumor  was significantly decreased, and then he was operated  for tumors resection (May 2011).

The control performed after surgery showed that there is a tumor remainder in spine with max. size 1 cm,  but  Matei's oncologist has recommended the suspension of chemotherapy until a new evaluation, due to the negative outcome of MycN Amplification and other criteria known only to doctor.

After 3 months (September 2011), Matei has made an evaluation by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and we found out that the remainder tumor began to grow, so the disease is evolving.

In fall Matei begun chemotherapy again, 2 cures of CARBO-VP 16 (October - November 2011) but without  any effects.

In March 2012 Matei was operated in France for spine metastasis resection Because the surgery last 5 hours and major blood loss, there  is a tumor residue of approx. 2 cm in front of the spine that couldnt be removed at that time. There fore this residue needs surveillance.

At present Matei  is on follow up care.